Project Example 專案案例

Example 1. – Social network 

Hi there,

It’s been a while for not updating the news.
Need to share some projects about what I am or was doing.

In 2011, We are working on internet marketing & some copywrite projects.
For the example, we want to share one of our client: Light web
It is a website talking about : spritially & heal feelings.  Inside this website has lots of good articles from different good book.

According to they already have official website and has lots of readers but never show up or any interactive like reading group/reading disscussions etc.

After analayze it.  We decided to make this internet marketing – social network put into more interactive and let the readers talk!
We are working on it since from this Feb until Now.

In this case.  We use “sharing" & “picking good articles" stragetics.  Its like a radio host to create a virtual social network group for communicate & make the readers get togther through this social network to “talk".

We create four main social network including: facebook, facebook fans club, weibo; plurk and twitter.  Because of the website is mainly for Chinese users & readers.  We choose Facebook & Weibo becomes the main communication tools.  No wonder they are the biggest Chinese marketing network bridages.

After we working for five months later, we are very glad to get over 500 users to joint this network and sharing how they feel about the columns.

Also, we are very glad to get many users support and feedback.  Also the client is very satisified for the idea & result.

For the next, we will create more interactive events & topics to users in real places.  Like an interactive reading group etc.

If you are interested in this kind of ideas for internet marketing or real marketing in Asia/Taiwan/China.  Please contact us.

We hope we have this chance to show more our ideas to fit your products also.

Welcome to write e-mail to us.

Have a pleasuant day!
2011. 06. 20


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