Advantage 特色

Angela’s experienced (Not include our other team members)
In PR firm clients as followings:
(Included retainer , project and cooperative case and holding of all public relations and cooperative planning of media’s project )
Les Enphants, Wyeth, Sa Sa cosmetics store opening, HOLA, First/So de le reta perfume launching, Block Buster, Green Giant, Sprite,Coca-cola, Minimate, BCBG, Loreal product, KFC, Ferrero chocolate, FOX Movie, Newzeland milk powder, Maybeline, SB pharmaceutical, INNER SCIENCE shampoo, matsugaya publishing, NO NAME shoes , Moet, INTEL party , Integreat ,Bestco computer company, FILA, Anna Sui , Montblanc Starwalker perfume , DEM Inc, Timberland B.Y.O.B., ALDO shoes, Kimberly-clark, IKEA, Zespri, Comvita, New Zealand Beef, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, Creation food(Japan Sake), Taiwan Musical, NPO…etc.

In-house PR & Marketing work:
From zero to announced, including training, build brand, retails & business developments, business model, eCommerce, events, PR works, customer service..etc

(this part welcome to write e-mail to us for ask, because some are confidential)

Our studio’s work:
Lightweb Mind fans club心光網/Rong SPA珈瑢生活館/Honeyca好蜜佳/富都新開發/維多益公司/Davis Daimond/義大利Jayanti/My US Mentor曼圖學苑/Aimer Shine/台灣音樂劇隔壁親家…etc.

Our advantage:
We have good co-op abilities for helping you to build or change your certain business.  Making it becomes to a competitive advantage product or even company.
– Expert for cross-border alliance
– Diversity industries of marketing and branding build.
– Public relations and brand innovation.

No matter what kind of business you have, we only accept the client who really concern about people & our living earth.


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