Life Sharing[生活分享]

We would love to share our working experienced to let you know why we have confidence to make your business going to different way, especially – touch people’s heart, finding your truly spirits.

All we want to do is “life sharing" but not just for business.  We also want to share  information about charities.  We deeply know internet makes two different area/people connecting to each other.  We want to use this power to share good thoughts/information.  And we believed it just like a good seed can spread to the world.  What we hoping for is make business + charities get together.

Welcome to joint us no matter where you are.  Appreciate you stop by our site.  Hopefully in near future, we have the chance can work together for “good thing".

Thanks & Warm Regards,



在忙碌的工作執行過程中,我們獲得很多寶貴實戰經驗,無論成功與否,重點在於是否真明白其定義為何?除了工作外,我們更關心週遭的生活和正向思考的力量,在這個 Life Sharing單元,會將過往寫過的文章及有相同想法的好文章分享在此,我們希望結合更多「善」的心意,盡一己之力,結合社會資源,由小變大的創造「心」影響力!^^


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